Absecon's famous hydrangeas

Goodbye, Nana

A fond farewell to Nana, Type E’s grandmother.

caught on street view

Caught on Google Street View

Caught on Google street view.

Five Years Ago...

Five Years Ago…

Deep thoughts from the past.

New Yorker

Letting Go

Letting Go, What Medicine Should do When it Can’t Save Your Life. Everyone should read this New Yorker article.  Not just because it provides an overview of hospice care, its benefits, and the role it plays in an era when technology can sustain life “well past the point of awareness of coherence,” but because it […]

Sing Hallelujah

Sing Hallelujah

Fourteen months after my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he reached the latest milestone on his terrible journey: the point where food and drink were doing more harm than good; the beginning of the very end. There would be no cure, no miracle, and no experimental drug. It was Sunday, May 23, 2010. […]