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Superwoman's baby shower

2013: The Year in Random Pictures

Twelve randomly selected memories from 2013: hackers, babies, snow, and South America.

Ruta 33: Salta to Cachi

Salta to Cachi: June 12, 2013

Eventually we got out of Buenos Aires, spent just enough time in Salta to eat a few empanadas and pick up a car, and happily left the city behind. All respect to Type E for navigating not only the mean streets of Salta (no lights, no stop signs—just hold your breath and go) but the […]

Philadelphia to Celebrate Mediocrity Via Parade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 8, 2013 (PHILADELPHIA, PA)–The 2012-2013 Philadelphia Phillies have banded together with the Gin Blossoms, M. Night Shyamalan, the discarded “C” mascot of Commerce Bank, flavored Wawa coffee, Paul Giamatti, and the entire state of Iowa to defend the decent name of all things mediocre. “If dead fish rise to the top […]

Muppet Labs: Where the Future is Being Made Today

Muppet Labs: Where the Future is Being Made Today

These kids don’t even know who Beaker is.

Chapel Brook

2012: The Year in Nature

Some reasons to embrace life in Western Massachusetts, which, by the way, is not Boston.