Philadelphia to Celebrate Mediocrity Via Parade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 8, 2013 (PHILADELPHIA, PA)–The 2012-2013 Philadelphia Phillies have banded together with the Gin Blossoms, M. Night Shyamalan, the discarded “C” mascot of Commerce Bank, flavored Wawa coffee, Paul Giamatti, and the entire state of Iowa to defend the decent name of all things mediocre. “If dead fish rise to the top […]

Manuel Adjusting to Language Barrier

Manuel Adjusting to Language Barrier

After six years as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, Charlie Manuel is learning to adapt to English, the official language of the people of Philadelphia. Manuel recently stated that he feels comfortable expressing himself in the language, although he still struggles with plurals, singulars, vowels, and the double switch.

Phanatic on Kelly Drive

The time is now. Goodbye, Philly!

In less than two weeks, after years of discussion, Type E and I are moving away from Philadelphia. Yes, it’s a terrible time to leave good jobs and find new ones, and it’s not the best time to sell a house. We have no friends or family in our new town. But the time is […]

This is the Week That Is

This is the Week That Is

1812 Production’s This is the Week That Is returns with a vengeance in 2010.

2010 Light Show at Philadelphia's Macys

2010 “Wanamaker” Light Show

Philadelphia’s annual Wanamaker tradition in 2010.

Pig Iron's Cankerblossom

New fringe fave: Cankerblossom

I’ve been going to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival since it was still called the Fringe Festival. These years of lint monsters, El buskers, Prospero in a wading pool, toilet racers, and many other assorted characters have been fun, and Philly is truly lucky to have two weeks a year devoted to unorthodox performances in unexpected […]