Old 97's at Penn's Landing

Old 97′s review: TLA 12-11-10

A review of the Old 97’s show at Philadelphia’s TLA on 12/11/2010.

This is the Week That Is

This is the Week That Is

1812 Production’s This is the Week That Is returns with a vengeance in 2010.

2010 Light Show at Philadelphia's Macys

2010 “Wanamaker” Light Show

Philadelphia’s annual Wanamaker tradition in 2010.

Portland Farmers' Market

New England Trip Part 3: Portland, ME

The Portland, ME leg of our New England 2010 trip.

Pig Iron's Cankerblossom

New fringe fave: Cankerblossom

I’ve been going to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival since it was still called the Fringe Festival. These years of lint monsters, El buskers, Prospero in a wading pool, toilet racers, and many other assorted characters have been fun, and Philly is truly lucky to have two weeks a year devoted to unorthodox performances in unexpected […]

Ted Neeley

Jesus Christ Superstar

I’m a bit obsessed with Jesus Christ Superstar, especially the movie version. Carl Anderson is just too brilliant. The whole thing is brilliant. A co-worker referenced this rock opera today, resulting in a revival of my one-woman “highlights of JC Superstar” production. Previous runs of the show have been panned by my husband and cat, […]