The Bread Pony

The Edible Book

The Edible Book: The Bread Pony, Old Man and the Seaweed, and some poor guy was literally Under the Tuscan Sun. I entered Hatch-22.

Susan Werner at the Iron Horse

Susan Werner at the Iron Horse

I’ve been going to singer-songwriter Susan Werner’s shows for more than ten years, though I confess to dropping off the scene soon after she began her all-cabaret-style tour in the mid-2000s. I missed her earlier, guitar-based songs with their clever, mischievous lyrics about life and relationships. Since the cabaret era, she’s released a gospel album, […]

The Lost Thing

2011 Oscar-nominated animated shorts

Thoughts on the animated short films that were nominated for the 2011 Oscars.

American Idiot

The spectacular American Idiot

Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway.

CDs that survived the purge

CDs that survived the purge

A few CDs that survived the great purge of 2010.