Good Grief!  One year?

Good Grief! One year?

January 1st was the one year anniversary of Good Grief! Back in the day, many of the posts were political and sports-oriented and not even written by me. You know what I like about this site? The diversity of people who stop by: Democrats, Republicans, parents, students, homosexuals, heterosexuals, metrosexuals, carnivores, herbivores, Christians, atheists, geeks, […]

Christopher Elbow chocolates

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

I was lucky enough to grow up in a town that smells like chocolate. Lititz, Pennsylvania is the home of Wilbur Chocolate, and I remember the sweet smell that would waft through the air as the neighborhood gang played ball or built forts or terrorized the old lady next door. Though I’m not a chocolate […]

The life of Jesus in Christmas lights

The life of Jesus in Christmas lights

What’s this? Why,it’s an animated Christmas light Jesus flogging. Frankly, I find this display a disconcerting piece of Americana. The above picture is part of an annual spectacle in Blue Springs, Missouri. Guided by smiling gingerbread men, visitors drive through a subdivision and see lights that depict the life of Jesus–everything from his birth to […]

the famous light board

Wanamaker Light Show: is the magic tree gone for good?

Pictured above is the 2004 Center City Philadelphia Lord & Taylor holiday light show (formerly the Wanamaker light show). Wouldn’t it look better with a big magic Christmas tree, some colored fountains, and a Santa train with animated wheels? I think so too. Alas, for the past few years we’ve watched as crucial elements of […]

Philadelphia Cereality

Philadelphia Cereality

A few weeks ago, Philadelphia made national news by being the second city in the United States to boast a Cereality location. In case you missed it, Cereality is a fast food place that specializes in, uh, cereal. Not surprisingly, both the Philadelphia Cereality and the original Cereality in Arizona are located on or near […]

Arts pick:  society's most troubling problems

Arts pick: society’s most troubling problems

Today’s arts pick is a masterpiece that represents some of society’s most troubling problems. Though constructed of material commonly associated with childhood and innocence, the piece is an abstraction of the segregation and bigotry that pervade our culture. The artist has chosen an unusual medium for this picture, one originally intended to act as a […]