Moon Pappy

Goodnight, Moon Pappy

William H. S, of Lititz, died peacefully at home on May 29th after a year-long battle with brain cancer. Born on September 12, 1944, he was the son of the late Benjamin and Mildred S and is preceded in death by his brother, Robert. He is survived by Mary, his wife of 40 years. William, […]

Jukebox the Ghost: Perfect Pop

Jukebox the Ghost: Perfect Pop

As the years go by, I see less and less live music.  I wasn’t always such a curmudgeon, but  lately I get more out of listening to music at home than I do from braving the cold, cramming into a club, and listening to a few hours of opening bands only to be shoved aside […]

The Crab Revolution

Communist Crabs (Cute)

I’ve been going through old blog entries, tweaking them for this new(ish) space, and I came across yet another short animation link: La révolution des crabes by Arthur de Pins. Pachygrapsus Marmoratus, a depressed crab species that “never asked to be put on Earth,” cannot turn, so they are doomed to forever walk sideways, always […]

Surrealism in American Animation

Surrealism in American Animation

Philly’s Secret Cinema presents an evening of short, surreal cartoons from the 20’s and 30’s.

The Omnivore’s Delusion

The Omnivore’s Delusion: “But farmers have reasons for their actions, and society should listen to them as we embark upon this reappraisal of our agricultural system.”
Found this via Greensgrow Farm’s Facebook page.  I love Greensgrow and being …

The Bacon Show is officially up at the Mew Gallery, 906…

The Bacon Show is officially up at the Mew Gallery, 906 Christian Street, Philly, PA.  Mike Geno, a friend and world famous meat artist curated the exhibition.
Good holiday shopping opportunity!  Opening reception is next Sat. 11/7, 5-9 PM.