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Superwoman's baby shower

2013: The Year in Random Pictures

Twelve randomly selected memories from 2013: hackers, babies, snow, and South America.

Filbert Street

San Francisco, I love you!

One of my favorite getaways is visiting Superwoman in San Francisco. I was sad to see her leave Philly back in ’05, but she loves her new home and is a most amazing hostess and guide. During past visits, we’ve seen the required tourist sites, traipsed around a goat farm and had a cheese class […]

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is best read as a travelogue, not as a story of a spiritual journey.

Life moves pretty fast

Life moves pretty fast

There must be something in the water around here because things are happening. Big things. Superwoman got a job in San Francisco, and her first day was Monday. I know she’ll kick ass and I couldn’t be happier for her, but life just won’t be the same without Superwoman’s hospitality, warmth, and ability to listen […]

Chinatown bus:  pray for us

Chinatown bus: pray for us

Because of some PGW love* that arrived in this week’s mail, I am feeling thrifty. Thrifty enough to brave the Saturday 7:00 AM Philadelphia to New York Chinatown bus, despite the warnings of Sassy J, Sam, and others. So I am not sure what to make of Benny’s World: According to the Chinatown Bus, a […]

Consumer whore: the bulk edition

Consumer whore: the bulk edition

My first trip to BJs: Superwoman: Look!  I found my favorite jeans. Becky: They sell jeans here? [ring!] Superwoman: Hello? Sassy J [on phone]: I’m in aisle four.  Where are you? Superwoman: We’re in produce. Becky: They don’t have sweet potatoes.  Only yams.  Can we put yams in the pie? Becky: Wow, I could use […]