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Goodbye, boss-across-the-hall!

Goodbye, boss-across-the-hall!

Friday is my last day at the soulless office park, so I’ve decided to kill off boss-across-the-hall.  Sample obituaries include: On Friday, July 15th, boss-across-the-hall was electrocuted in the soulless office park men’s room after dropping his Blackberry into the commode. A forensics team has determined that boss-across was attempting to send several e-mails, schedule […]

Boss-across-the-hall update: Blackberry in the bathroom?

Boss-across-the-hall update: Blackberry in the bathroom?

Shortly after he walked back to the restroom, I received an e-mail from boss-across-the-hall.

Boss-across-the-hall update:  horse report

Boss-across-the-hall update: horse report

He is drowning in a .NET connection pool, which does not look like fun. But the big issue of the day is soulless office park basketball data. Boss-across: I can’t figure out how to weight our horse statistics. Becky: What? Boss-across: As we play more games, the individual scores start dropping because of the way […]

Boss-across-the-hall-update:  on again, off again

Boss-across-the-hall-update: on again, off again

He cut our weekly Business Intelligence staff meeting short because he’s tired today. And why is he tired? Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Boss-across spent all day Saturday and Sunday stringing Christmas lights around fifteen pine trees in his front yard. As a final touch, he installed a sensor that will […]

Boss-across-the-hall update:  outsourced!

Boss-across-the-hall update: outsourced!

Boss-across and I recently had a very disturbing conversation: Boss-across-the-hall: Tell me again about the secret table missing from our database diagram? Becky: What secret table? BATH: The one you told me about earlier. Becky: You didn’t find it yet? I said that so you’d get out of my office. I’m busy finishing up these […]

Boss-across-the-hall update: jihad!

Boss-across-the-hall update: jihad!

Says boss-across-the-hall this morning: I am getting some more free time. This is good for me and bad for you. At lunch: If you guys don’t finish your work backlog, I am going to issue a business intelligence jihad on you. Well that sucks. Boss-across-the-hall is a Muslim, but I didn’t realize he had such […]