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Philadelphia to Celebrate Mediocrity Via Parade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 8, 2013 (PHILADELPHIA, PA)–The 2012-2013 Philadelphia Phillies have banded together with the Gin Blossoms, M. Night Shyamalan, the discarded “C” mascot of Commerce Bank, flavored Wawa coffee, Paul Giamatti, and the entire state of Iowa to defend the decent name of all things mediocre. “If dead fish rise to the top […]



Easthampton, MA just elected its first new mayor in seventeen years and its second mayor ever. Campaign finance reports show that the owner of this van—one of the four candidates—spent $29.80.  

Rug - November 2013

No Walking on the Rug

It’s important and healthy to try out new things you probably won’t be good at. Here’s a rug I’m making: Rug braiding class is fun, frustrating, and full of people who know how to do practical things, like sewing, getting a garden ready for the winter, and taking care of horses. We admire each other’s […]



One post a day, starting with boogie pasta.

Boiling at Gould's

Sugar House Diaries: Maple Syrup Time in Western Mass

Diary of three sugaring seasons in Western Massachusetts.

View From Cabin 3

2013: Okay, Enough Nature

It turns out that there are limits to nature loving, especially for people who have spent most of their adult lives living in a city.