Friday night
The daily Occupy Northampton drumming and chanting starts on schedule in front of Bank of America. Down the street to the group’s left is a harp player, to its right, under the Thorne’s Market awning, is that band with the accordion, and across the street is a fiddler. The Faces Halloween window features a scary monster under the bed, and the GoBerry pumpkin spice yogurt is pretty good with graham crackers.

Saturday morning
Type E threatens to throw me out the window for purchasing an Arcade Fire album.
“Fine,” I said, “but I’m taking the pear coffee cake I just made. And the cat.”
“You can’t do that,” says Type E. “Massachusetts is a 50-50 state.”
“Fine, I’ll take the front half of the cat.”

Saturday afternoon

squirrel in a pumpkin

squirrel butt

Sunday morning
First world problem: The Big Y does not sell broccolini.

Sunday afternoon
We go to the wildlife blind at Fitzgerald Lake so I can show Type E the wildlife notebook, but the old binder full of animal observations and amusing digressions has been replaced with a boring new binder. Type E records his sighting of three ducks and no moose.

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