Northampton Confusion

ball of plastic bags

plastic bags on Earth Day

It is very confusing, learning to live here in Northampton. When someone’s sick, consider the politics of cut flowers before calling the florist. Don’t wear too many dry-clean-only clothes. Dry cleaning is an abomination; why not visit the local hemp outfitter instead? When going out for a fancy dinner, no need to change out of your Sam’s sportswear, but don’t forget to put on your dressy clogs.

Tonight at the Haymarket Cafe, when trying to throw away the remains of a goat cheese, beet, and sundried tomato salad, I had a mental meltdown in front of the compost bin. What can go in it? Why are there plastic cups on the top? Are napkins legal? What about food?

So I made sure no one was looking, put everything in the trash, and ran away.

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  1. Guamaniac

    Aww! That dilemma is too common for me, too. I want to help but sometimes the choices are paralyzing!

    Miss you!

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