Vegemite and Cheese

cheese paper

cute cheese paper

In addition to pie, Type E requested a “high quality cheddar” for this birthday. As a lover of both Vegemite and cheese, he’s often wondered about pairing the two but wasn’t sure where to begin.

Enter Philadelphia’s gracious and talented Madame Fromage, who loves a good cheese puzzle. She kindly asked around on our behalf and came back with this suggestion: vegemite and cheddar on a cracker, topped with a little pepper.

If Northampton has a DiBrunos or Downtown Cheese equivalent, I have yet to find it, so the classic British cheddars (Keen, Montgomery) were off the table. We went with two locals: Cabot Clothbound and Shelburne Falls 3-Year Aged Cheddar.

Shelburne Falls & Cabot Clothbound cheeses

Shelburne Falls (left) & Cabot Clothbound

Cabot Clothbound is excellent, of course. The Madame herself says so. However, the Shelburne Falls is also damn tasty, though it’s less classic cheddar and more earthy, tickle-your-throat.

So here’s our lunch. Type E loved it. My review? Pairing cheese with vegemite is a waste of perfectly good cheese.

vegemite and cheese on crackers

vegemite and cheese on crackers

PS Note the most excellent cheese paper in the first photo!

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  1. e

    It was so nice of you to pretend not to like this so that I could have more!

  2. Jacquelyn

    That is pretty great cheese paper, and even better cheese! Very interesting use, though 🙂 I am looking forward to reading about what you do with the rest of it!
    Thanks for supporting Cabot; our farm family owners appreciate it!

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