Windmills in 13 easy steps

Last year at this time, we were vacationing in the Netherlands and Belgium, having narrowly avoided the unpronounceable volcano that wreaked havoc on so many travelers.

On April 27, 2010, we left our cozy houseboat in Amsterdam and decided to visit the famous Kinderdijk windmills en route to Bruges. If you’re without car, you can do this detour in 13 easy steps:

  1. Train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam
  2. Walk from Rotterdam station to the city’s waterfront
  3. Find the ferry dock
  4. Ferry to Ridderkerk
  5. Really small ferry to KinderdijkWalk 1 km to the windmills
  6. Rent a bike and enjoy!
  7. Walk 1 km back to ferry dock
  8. Really small ferry to Ridderkerk. Say hi to the driver; it’s the same guy who dropped you off.
  9. Ferry to Rotterdam
  10. Run back to Rotterdam station
  11. Train to Antwerp
  12. Train to Bruges

A full, rushed day to be sure, but so worth it. And once we finally got to Bruges, our kind B&B proprietor greeted us with some tasty Zot, and all was right with the world.

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