Fear the cake

There’s an apple pie in the oven right now, requested by Type E for his birthday tomorrow. It’s a big birthday, a multiple of five, so I really wanted to bake and decorate a cake.

Because the cake for the last multiple-of-five birthday turned out so well and was not at all reminiscent of a serial killer:

Happy 30th cake

Happy 30th, Eric!

And there was also that time I smashed the top of my brother’s wedding cake into the door of a Corolla:

smashed wedding cake

the top of Dan's wedding cake, oops!

And when we blinded Hello Kitty and hacked off her ear:

Hello Kitty cake

maimed Hello Kitty

I can’t imagine why Type E would rather have a pie instead of a birthday cake.

2 responses to “Fear the cake”

  1. Anita

    We went to the Sunrise Service and had breakfast with Dan and your mom. It was a beautiful sunrise. The cake pictures are a hoot. Wait until Eric celebrates that other 5 year…the 50!!! You have a while to plan that cake. Happy Easter.

  2. e

    the pie was amazing! and not at all frightening.

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