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the famous windmills

Windmills in 13 easy steps

Last year at this time, we were vacationing in the Netherlands and Belgium, having narrowly avoided the unpronounceable volcano that wreaked havoc on so many travelers. On April 27, 2010, we left our cozy houseboat in Amsterdam and decided to visit the famous Kinderdijk windmills en route to Bruges. If you’re without car, you can […]

Happy 30th, Eric!

Fear the cake

There’s an apple pie in the oven right now, requested by Type E for his birthday tomorrow. It’s a big birthday, a multiple of five, so I really wanted to bake and decorate a cake. Because the cake for the last multiple-of-five birthday turned out so well and was not at all reminiscent of a […]

Spaetzle enjoys computing

Spaetzle enjoys computing

The Bread Pony

The Edible Book

The Edible Book: The Bread Pony, Old Man and the Seaweed, and some poor guy was literally Under the Tuscan Sun. I entered Hatch-22.