Susan Werner at the Iron Horse

I’ve been going to singer-songwriter Susan Werner’s shows for more than ten years, though I confess to dropping off the scene soon after she began her all-cabaret-style tour in the mid-2000s. I missed her earlier, guitar-based songs with their clever, mischievous lyrics about life and relationships.

Since the cabaret era, she’s released a gospel album, and earlier this month Kicking the Beehive, her rootsy-bluesy record came out.

The current tour brought her through Northampton, where she showed up with some friends at the infamous Iron Horse last Friday. Hearing that classically-trained voice, laughing at the self-deprecating banter, and eating mediocre food were a happy reminder of many evenings spent at Philadelphia’s Tin Angel.

The set was a good mix of her styles over the years. Even if I would have preferred a few more of her earlier songs, I respect her for exploring new genres and appreciate that she’s talented enough to pull it off.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years: Susan Werner is still a damn funny woman and a joyful performer.

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