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Two Man Gentleman Band

Two Man Gentleman Band

On Thursday night Northampton’s Iron Horse had a cozy, old-timey vibe—the perfect antidote to the cold, wet snowflakes falling outside. The Two Man Gentleman Band stole the show, covering just about every vice in their short set: fancy beer, chocolate milk, girls, prescription drugs, reefer, and tikka masala.

squirrel butt


Friday night The daily Occupy Northampton drumming and chanting starts on schedule in front of Bank of America. Down the street to the group’s left is a harp player, to its right, under the Thorne’s Market awning, is that band with the accordion, and across the street is a fiddler. The Faces Halloween window features […]

would you eat this?

Encounter with a knobbed russet

Six years ago, I joined a CSA and learned, in the name of diversity and supporting local growers, to tolerate things like dandelion greens, kale, and turnips.  Sometimes I even developed an affection for previously spurned produce: beets, brussels sprouts, and apricots. So I try to be open-minded about new food (it’s hard sometimes), but […]

Miss Florence

So long, summer

It was amazing, full of visitors, road trips, and explorations of Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

Savoy campsite

Savoy Stories

Thunk. Thunk. Thunkthunkthunkthunk. And you just lay there in the tent hoping the ruckus outside isn’t wolves or bears or whatever the Berkshires equivalent of Pineys is. Happily, the campsites at Savoy Mountain State Forest are in an old apple orchard, so the noise is nothing more than the normal sounds of September. Savoy is […]


Mums of dooooooooom

The Pioneer Valley and surrounding hill towns are full of farms, rivers, campgrounds, festivals, and ice cream. Mix in a dash of Vermont, a slew of visitors, and some Lititz fireworks, and these days are just about perfect.