This is the Week That Is

One of my favorite Philly Christmas traditions is seeing 1812 Production’s annual holiday show. Since 2006 (mostly), that show has been This is the Week That Is, a political satire sketch comedy.

After a weaker year in 2009 (Bush was out, and Obama was still on his honeymoon, so maybe there just wasn’t as much material?), This is the Week That Is is back with a vengeance in 2010. Scott Greer rejoins the cast, which is huge. He is a very funny man.

The best sketch by far was an Alice in Wonderland trip in which the Alice character falls through the rabid hole, meets up with Twitterdumb and Twitterdumber, and finally arrives at the Tea Party. As in previous years, the production incorporates multimedia, puns, and Tony Braithwaite at the newsdesk.

Extremely recommended!

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