Pixar’s Day and Night

As part of the weekend’s road trip to East Palestine, Ohio, we went to see Toy Story 3.  The theatre had an air hockey table, and that’s pretty much the best you can hope for on a Saturday night in those parts.

We all loved the movie, even though it was kind of scary.  This is for kids, right?

Pixar’s pre-feature short film went in a new direction for them.  Actually, it went in an old direction.  Eric pointed out that Day & Night is reminiscent of the Secret Cinema’s Surrealism in American Animation program we saw a few months ago.

He’s right.  Day & Night was a bit surreal and contains some of the slapstick elements associated with the era of Merrie Melodies.  It’s more an experience of images and music than a narrative, and it’s hard to explain.

My only criticism is the omniscient narrator voice at the end.  It’s too preachy, and it interrupts the flow of the piece.  Otherwise, kudos to director Teddy Newton for using Pixar’s creativity and technology to create an homage to a truly unique art form.

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