Angelique Kidjo at Long’s Park

Last weekend, Long’s Park brought back Angelique Kidjo for her second appearance in the Summer Music Series, a long-running program of free Sunday evening concerts.

Neither extreme heat nor rain stopped Angelique from giving an amazing performance.  She has a beautiful, strong voice; the ability to blend the world’s music into her own creations (“smoothies,” she calls them); wisdom; graciousness; and raw energy.

Not only did Angelique Kidjo get the crowd dancing (no small feat, considering the weather), she came down from the stage and joined us, making her way through the lawn chairs, greeting her fans, and smiling at babies.  And then she invited the crowd back up to the stage with her, turning the rest of the evening into joyous dance party.

Aside from the smoothies, my favorite part of the concert was her tribute to James Brown, who she says introduced her to the “beauty of the English language.”

Eric and I saw Angelique at Philly’s World Café several years ago.  It was a good show, but not as good as the Long’s Park performances—an outdoor venue with plenty of space to move around is the best way to experience Angelique Kidjo.  If you ever get a chance to see her, don’t miss it—her message is positive, and her music is world class.

PS Eric was unhappy with the way his pictures turned out, but I like the movement.  It wouldn’t be a true Angelique Kidjo show if she stood still for photos!

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