Jukebox the Ghost: Perfect Pop

As the years go by, I see less and less live music.  I wasn’t always such a curmudgeon, but  lately I get more out of listening to music at home than I do from braving the cold, cramming into a club, and listening to a few hours of opening bands only to be shoved aside by latecomers who didn’t want to listen to a few hours of opening bands.

This attitude is disappointing to Type E, who thinks I’m remiss in my wifely duty to attend shows with him.  He’s been nagging me to see Jukebox the Ghost since they released their first record in 2008, and when he learned that the band was making a Fishtown appearance at Johnny Brenda’s, subtle hints arrived in the form of catchy JTG mp3s mysteriously appearing in our shared Dropbox.

One of these catchy mp3s convinced me to make the oh-so-long walk to Johnny Brenda’s for the show.  Hold It In just might be the perfect pop song.

So much fun.  Jukebox the Ghost is a trio: guitar player, drummer, and keyboard player–the incredibly talented Ben Thornewill.  Luckily, we were in the balcony and could watch as he played the bass lines, played the leads, and sang, all while having fun with the audience.

Highlights of the show:  Hold It In (of course) and Temptation, a New Order cover performed with a joy that infected the entire audience.

Jukebox the Ghost is everything that’s good about Ben Folds, synthesizers, Europop, and The Beatles.  And, I’m sure, many other things I lack the musical background to identify.  But most importantly, they’re entertaining.  And isn’t that why you go out on a Saturday night?

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