Communist Crabs (Cute)

I’ve been going through old blog entries, tweaking them for this new(ish) space, and I came across yet another short animation link: La révolution des crabes by Arthur de Pins.

Pachygrapsus Marmoratus, a depressed crab species that “never asked to be put on Earth,” cannot turn, so they are doomed to forever walk sideways, always following the same path.  Some paths are better than others, so quality of life depends on where a crab happens to hatch.

This inability to change course is a species-wide bummer until a pseudo intellectual among them rises and instills pride into his fellow crabs by preaching the merits of straight-line walking.  As it turns out, however, the ability to turn and set a new course actually is possible for those smart enough and motivated enough to do it.   Somewhere along the way in this five minute piece, you realize the crabs are just a metaphor (the title is a giveaway), which makes the end slightly depressing.

Had I seen this 18 years ago, there would have been subsequent deep, late-night conversations about the symbolism and underlying philosophical and political themes.  Since I watched it now, however, I’ll just throw up the YouTube link and call it a night.

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