Gone Fishing

After being on the air for two years, Good Grief! has run its course.  A million thanks to anyone who has ever read, commented, or e-mailed–you made the endeavor worthwhile and fun.  Until the next project, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

26 responses to “Gone Fishing”

  1. Glenn

    Aww Crap! I will miss your updates.

  2. Moon Pappy

    Aw come on…who goes Fishing in the winter? Has it been cold enough to go Ice fishing!. I can understand after 2 years and all,and with the time needed to put forth “Good Grief”, but with the switch to a new “carrier” or whatever it is called I thought another 2 years would be needed to explore all its blogging possibilities.
    Anyway we will miss all the “fishtown” news and Phila “veggieman” market updates. Also answer me who will be able to expand my musical horizons? Boy I am really going to miss you. I guess you will have to be like ET and “Phone Home” instead of “blogging home”.

  3. Luna


  4. yoko

    I’m glad I met you while you were in the blogosphere, and I hope to meet up with you soon in the tangible world. Guess I’ll be reading Mr. Bloggs’ site for witty commentary now. I’ll miss your posts!

  5. Dave

    Today is a sad, sad day. Your blog will be missed.

    Long live Good Grief!

  6. Scott

    Poop to this, says I.

  7. Blankbaby

    Gone Fishing at Good Grief!…

    Becky, of Good Grief! Fame, has hung up her blogging pantaloons, but only after she went to the trouble of moving to Dreamhost and migrating to WordPress. Women. Methinks she’ll be back to blogging soon enough. She’ll be back, they…

  8. Raul

    Does this mean that I have to do more work now? I enjoyed it while it lasted.

  9. Emily


    Aw man! How am I gonna stay in touch with you now? The suburban lifestyle has begun to taint me – you’re the last touch of city life reality! Seriously though, what started as a pet project grew into something really cool, so I will now join the eager masses, sitting on the edge of our seats in our own souless office parks, waiting for your next endevour. 🙂

  10. Al Gore

    I may have created the Internet, but Good Grief! made it special.

  11. pam

    Becky, I thank you for choosing to share with us for this long. Your blog has been a great source for all things vegetable, museum, and music related. Higher praise for a blog is impossible!

  12. howard

    What? Nooooooooooooooo.

  13. Tony

    May I respectfully suggest that this post also be filed under WTF? 🙂 Seriously, I will really miss your blog. Please leave it up so I can finish reading your archives. Best wishes!

  14. Keith

    Happy fishing.

  15. Sassy J

    Oh my stars and garters! I can’t tell you how many times your blog has brightened my day, made me laugh, made me think, etc. But, I know you have many things to pursue in life and will have more time to do that now. You know I appreciate your unique perspepctive of life, art, and pursuit of the quirky. You definitely get my personal favorite blog award.

  16. Clair

    Too bad. Now no one will get to see how hot I really am. That secret wasn’t going to be revealed until the end of season three.

  17. Phreaking Philly

    Where’s the Grief!? …

    PHILADELPHIA- After providing more than two years worth of ingenious blogging entertainment, Philadelphia’s best blog has signed off the Internet to go fishing. Rumors are swirling that blogging goddess Becky S. is quitting because she is addicted to…

  18. Freedom date

    Quuuuoi ? CQCB (c’est quoi ce bordel)? I automatically speak French when I am flabbergasted sad.
    But… there are these words “until the next project”… so when and where ?

  19. Melissa

    I love your blog. R.I.P. Good Grief. Does this mean that you’ll be starting another project with the same domain name? You could always call it, “Hark!” and still use the “Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Big?”

    Yeah, I think that’s what you should do. 🙂

  20. Dan Roth

    This is so sad!
    I loved your blog.

    Are you sure you don’t want to be like me and just have a blog you only update once every 10 weeks with a two-sentence paragraph?

  21. freddy

    darn it… there is now a big void in the blogosphere. 🙁 you’ll be missed, becky. thank goodness, though, that we still have opportunities to cross paths in the real world. 🙂

  22. kristen

    I’ve considered hanging up the towel before, but never did…. I just threatened to to get attention… but you actually did it!! Sorry to see you go, but have a good one and please eat some pennsylvania-type items for a displaced pennsylvania-folk in Western Mass.

  23. #cake

    But you are the reason I started surfing the blogosphere! Good Grief! is how I discovered dooce and geese aplenty and all those others I stumbled across as links in your archives and now visit semi-regularly! It’s the only reason the thought “I should really try and visit Philly someday…” *ever* went through my head.

    Thanks for all the good times, Becky. I certainly will miss you and your kooky cast of characters.

    Good night Moon Pappy
    Good night Boss-Across
    Good night Fishtown
    Good night Market Report
    Good night Dave and Sassy J and Clair…
    Good night from Good Grief! fans everywhere…

    Good night Becky!

  24. Estelle

    Like Freedom Date : POURQUOI ??? And you were mentioned along with your cookies in my latest post!!

  25. Matt

    Sorry to hear about this . . . but here’s hoping that you come back when the time is right. Best of luck to you in the meantime.

  26. Chuck in Indy

    Well as one of my favorites, and the first site I linked to, I feel like I’ve lost a goo friend (that I never ev en met). Damn!