You Better Watch Out for this Christmas video

You Better Watch Out

As part of its annual holiday party, my department screens employee-created, holiday-themed multimedia presentations. I am excited to announce that Super Secret Coworker Dan has posted You Better Watch Out, a classic presentation from years past. This (very) short film features a menacing Santa Claus chasing three friends through the bleak streets of Philadelphia, accompanied by an appropriately ominous soundtrack. You should watch it right now!

6 responses to “You Better Watch Out for this Christmas video”

  1. Sarcasmo

    Thanks alot, Becky. Now I’m afraid of Christmas.

  2. Sherri W.

    The film was filmed so close to my home it’s not even funny. (Okay, maybe it’s a little funny.)

    Still, I think I’ve good reason to be scareder than Sarcasmo….

  3. Aarrgghh!!

    You Better Watch Out

    Work has an annual Christmas party where we are encouraged to submit videos with a Christmas theme. My first year out, I figured I’d go for a little weird and disturbing, and hence put forth “It’s a Wonderful Mensch” where…

  4. Becky

    Well, Sarcasmo, I did warn about the menacing Santa!

    Sherri, where exactly are these people in the movie? It all looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t quite figure it out.

  5. Dave

    Trippy and disturbing. The “Anti-Charlie Brown Christmas” as it were. Quite fantastic.

  6. Sassy J

    Becky–I’m pretty sure they start in that space between the design center at 24th between JFK and Chestnut and run down the chestnut (or walnut) bridge/underpass by the train tracks next to the SchuyKILL.