The Humus Reform Committee

Last week, the Humus Reform Committee* appeared on this site, accusing me of taking bribes from Bobbi in exchange for promoting her most excellent hummus.

Sadly, I have received no free hummus from Bobbi. Which isn’t to say that I’m not open to the idea of pay-to-play blogging. After all, Good Grief! is a Philadelphia website. So send me your bribes, payments, and kickbacks, and I will write a nice haiku about your product.

*The Hummus Reform Committee is a bit unnerving. A note sent to its gmail account (hummusatune at resulted in the following reply:

We are in every middle-eastern restaurant, every hummus-serving bar and every supermarket. And now, we are also online.
p.s. We heard you consumed peanut-butter hummus. This action is still under review.

3 responses to “The Humus Reform Committee”

  1. yoko

    Peanut butter hummus?? That is definitely worth censure!

  2. Dave

    I will send you an RFID tag for a haiku about how great Segways are.

  3. Becky

    Dave, I will be happy to write a Segway haiku in exchange for some of that seret military stun gun technology.