West Coast adventure

malibu gumby

Clair, resident Good Grief! heckler, asks about last week’s Gumby posts and wonders was I really out of town? Well, yeah, unless you know of a Philly In-N-Out Burger with palm trees in the parking lot.

I was lucky enough to attend a Macromedia convention in Anaheim with about a dozen of my new, super-secret coworkers (a few of them actually blogged about the business part of this business trip).

On the Sunday prior to the convention, seven of us piled into a hideously obnoxious Yukon for a day of touring organized by super-secret coworker Dan, who clawed his way out of a Los Angeles ghetto to attend school here in Philly. The agenda was action-packed:

  1. Venice Beach. Like Philadelphia’s South Street, except with an ocean view.
  2. Malibu tidal pools. The best part of the tour, despite Gumby’s narrow escape from the clutches of a nefarious sea anemone.
  3. Lunch at Gladstones, a seafood restaurant. The mashed potatoes are highly recommended.
  4. Sunset Boulevard all the way into downtown Los Angeles. Sprawl, big houses, and the club where River Phoenix died.
  5. Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. I got sort-of kicked out of a store. Big Mistake!
  6. Hollywood Boulevard. Freaks, freaks, and more freaks.
  7. Delicious margaritas and guacamole at a downtown Mexican restaurant where parts of Wag the Dog were shot.

    9 responses to “West Coast adventure”

    1. Keith

      sort of kicked out? Do tell.

    2. Thad

      Could you spare a square?

    3. Becky

      Keith, the kicked-out story isn’t nearly as interesting as I imply. Basically, I was asked to step outside of the store after taking some pictures of their underground mannequins. Once my trust fund kicks in, they will be sorry.

      Thad, luckily my coworkers had squares to spare.

    4. Clair

      Who knew you could get such good mashed potatoes at a seafood retaurant in California?

    5. Lucy

      Becky – i found your site – shortly after i started my blog..around the time of your last boss-across-the-hall entry. I’m quite sure we have very little in common..but i visit anyway as i enjoy your stories. Today on another blog i also visit http://oldhorsetailsnake.blogspot.com i learned my blog is worth ZERO (Who knew??) Well i’ll survive.. but listen – did you know yours is worth ($46,000+).

      Like Horsetail – you might want to start a mission to collect it. lol Now being the avid blogger that you are – you may already know about this blog worth link (Below) but if not thought i’d share it.

      I’ll continue to stop by now and then -thanks for the entertainment.



    6. Moon Pappy

      No comments from here, but questions
      (1)What are “underground mannequins”?
      (2)What are Squares that can be spared?
      (3)What trust fund are you refering to?
      (I “trust” it will be all spent prior!)
      (4) Were the Mashed potatoes made with fish stock? Is that technically legal?

    7. Becky

      Answers for Moon Pappy:
      (1) I have a picture of the underground mannequin to show you
      (2) “spare a square” is a reference to a Seinfeld episode called “The Stall”
      (3) Shit, there’s no trust fund?
      (4) No fish in the potatoes, as far as I know

      Seriously, no trust fund?

    8. Becky

      Sheesh, I’ve had just about enough of this Typepad, eating comments and whatnot.

      To answer Moon Pappy’s questions:
      (1) Underground mannequins must be seen to be understood
      (2) “Spare a square” is a reference to a Seinfeld episode in which Elaine discovers herself w/o TP in a bathroom stall, and Jerry’s girlfriend can’t “spare a square” for her
      (3) Shit, there’s no trust fund?
      (4) No fish in the potatoes, as far as I know

      Seriously, no trust fund?

    9. Becky

      Okay, the comment glitches are really starting to peeve me. On the bright side, there hasn’t been much comment spam lately.