Buggy driver flees crash on horseback

buggy driver flees accident

Or maybe the buggy driver escaped via rollerblade. Thanks to Moon Pappy for scanning this article from the Lancaster New Era.

4 responses to “Buggy driver flees crash on horseback”

  1. Type E

    Do buggy drivers have licenses? What was he doing riding around at 3 a.m.? Was the buggy reported stolen, perhaps? Was there something illegal in the buggy, like a zipper or rubber tire? Is it rumspringa time? Did the driver scream “yeeee-haw!” as he rode away? Can an animal psychic interview all of the horses in the area to find out who did it? Something sketchy is going on here.

  2. Moon Pappy

    Type E: Some of the buggy drivers are below 16 so no licenses are necessary.
    I don’t know if the buggy was coverer or opened. If it was openned, He could have been out “a-courtin” earlier and just like the song “Wake up a-little Suzie” they overslept after the barn dance. (ask you family elders about that Everly Brothers song)
    What I found amazing was how fast he must have unbriddled the horse to make a fast get-away. I think the local police were taking “hoof print” impressions with the intention of following the trail home. One thing for sure, I hope the family had a spare buggy sitting in the barn. I can’t imagine Ma and Pa rollerblading at their age. Of course, those big wheel scooters or bicycles can be used. Interestingly those alternate means of transportation have rubber wheels ….hum any inconstancies here?
    I have been scanning the local news, but alas a cover-up must be occuring. I think this should warrent a grand jury investigation. Right?

  3. Bernie Goldbach

    This sounds like a gripping trailer for the first episode of CSI:Intercourse. Has a ring to it, doncha think?

  4. Anonymous

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