Bloodshot Records: For a Decade of Sin

For A Decade of Sin
An exciting announcement from Bloodshot Records, a kick-ass label out of Chicago: they have just released For a Decade of Sin, a two-disc compilation that celebrates eleven years in the business. Forty-two songs of new and previously-unreleased material for $18.

I have several Bloodshot compilations, including Down to the Promised Land, the five year anniversary collection, and The Bottle Let Me Down, a subversive children’s record. Even though there’s always a few bad songs on each disc, there are so many tracks that the end result is still highly entertaining. And because I have my finger on the pulse of the recording industry, I can share with you, the highly intelligent and hot readers of Good Grief!, this secret: on Tuesday, October 25, emusic will feature a song from For a Decade of Sin as a free download. Which means that you can go to, give them all of your personal information, sign up for a trial, download some software, and then get the free song.

If you’re not familiar with Bloodshot, check out the website, the upcoming shows (any Lancastrians out there? Split Lip Rayfield is playing the Chameleon!?), and the manifesto. An excerpt:

Since 1994, Bloodshot Records has championed the music that lurks between genres. We’ve always been drawn to the good stuff nestled in the dark, nebulous cracks where punk, country, soul, pop, bluegrass, blues and rock mix and mingle and mutate. We like artists who work over American roots forms with chains and velvet gloves with little regard for formality or protocol, who aren’t afraid to molest and caress these forms to take music into uncharted and exciting waters.

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  1. rob

    very cool heads up – i wish i hadn’t missed the bloodshot revue at northstar on the 15th 🙁 if you like that music, you will probably like my mp3 blog, .