Pierogies everywhere

pierogie and hedgehog
On Saturday night I ended up at the Bloomsburg Fair by accident, and many church ladies were there, cooking up these little pieces of homemade pierogie heaven.

The first stand we visited had gourmet-style pierogies, with strange flavors like jalapeno, farmer’s cheese, and blueberry. The next stand was old school: potatoes only. Both were excellent, and all I can think about now is when can I get my next hit. I’m eating lunch at my desk, pretending that this Kashi Go Lean protein bar is actually a big, fat, carbohydrate-laden potato pierogie smothered in butter and onions. Oh my.

Happily, best local pierogies are apparently located in nearby Port Richmond–a neighborhood once described to me as “like South Philly, except it’s Poles instead of Italians.”

Port Richmond, get ready. I am coming to visit, and all your pierogies are belong to me

16 responses to “Pierogies everywhere”

  1. Estelle

    I love pierogies! Once on Food Network I heard about a pierogies restaurant, here’s the name and address:

    The Pierogie Kitchen
    648 Roxborough Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19128

    Let us know if you ever try it!

  2. Dan

    Oh snap! So close, yet so far away…they‘re closed on Mondays! …and they close at 6:00 every other day. Looks like I’ll be leaving early tomorrow. (Did I really just say “oh snap?”)

  3. tina

    I live in Shickshinny and was at the Bloomsburg Fair Friday nite.
    We have pierogies here every CHristmas Eve. Stop in.

  4. tina

    Wrong about where the best pierogies are made, you know. the best pierogies are made by the church ladies in n.e. pa. .. i.e wilkes barre – scranton area.
    i am up to a challenge. I can bring our pierogies to a predetermined place at a given time and we can have an eat off.

    up to it??

    let’s go.

  5. Becky

    Oh, Tina, I would never challenge the mighty Church Ladies of N.E. PA. My humble goal is merely to find the best Philly pierogies.

    But of course I’m up for a NE/SE PA pierogie smackdown. Bring it on.

  6. Becky

    Also, I am intrigued about the Shickshinny connection. I saw many signs for that place over the weekend and wondered what it’s all about.

  7. Tom G

    What in the world brought you to the Bloomsburg Fair? I grew up just twenty minutes from there. That is deep in Pennsyltucky.

  8. mac

    I can’t believe you got to hit the Bloomsburg Fair. I grew up in the town next door. And since I couldn’t drive up for it this year, my mom brought me some cider from the Fair over this past weekend.

    True, the perogi are kick ass at the Fair…but for me it’s all about May’s Barbecue. Oh, ham barbecue, how I love you so.

  9. yoko

    Blueberry pierogies rock! Lipby hipped me to them a while back– there is a Polish grocery near his parents’ home in CT that makes all kinds of pierogies.

    I had them fried in butter, but I imagine they’d be good with a dollop of whipped cream….

  10. Becky

    Tom, I spent the weekend in Ricketts Glenn State Park, about half an hour from Bloomsburg. As luck would have it, the last night of the fair was Saturday, so Wade Bloggs and I checked it out. Wade drowned his baseball sorrows in butter and onions.

    Yoko, there are dessert pierogies on the menu of the Roxborough joint–I think blueberry is included.

  11. Scott

    I think Rickett the Hedgehog deserves his own website.

  12. Becky

    Rickett would love to have a blog, but he can’t work the camera or the keyboard by himself.

  13. tina

    Rickett’s Glen is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Shickshinny is a small town located off Route 11 in Pa. Keyword=small.

    Shickshinny means “Land of 5 Moutains”
    American Indian (not sure which tribe)

    For a wonderful event please join us this weekend in Pennsylvania for the
    Covered Bridge and Arts Festival
    Oct. 7 & 8 (Sat. & Sunday)
    10 a.m. – 6 P.M.
    Knowbels Amusement Resort, Elysburg


  14. Mike

    I can’t believe Fishtown has a website! Usually we head to that area to go to Tacconelli’s but maybe next trip will have to be for some pierogies.

  15. Dan Roth

    Ukranian pierogies?

    I know this is way past due, but I had to bring it up.

    Has anybody tried the pierogies that are homemade by the church in Northern Liberties and for sale every Thursday and Friday from noon to three? I keep seeing announcements everywhere, but haven’t actuall had one yet!

  16. Becky S

    So far, the pierogie quest has taken me to Syrenka, The New Wave, and the freezer of Krakus Market. I really should write an update.

    Haven’t yet tried the church in Northern Liberties (because of the noon-3 time) but would love to. I’ve only had good experiences with pierogies from church kitchens.