Patrick the Shakespeare professor and a review of some plays

Even though I read plenty of Shakespeare in high school, my real relationship with the Bard didn’t begin until college, when I was lucky enough to spend a semester in London. Every Tuesday afternoon we scarfed cheese sandwiches and ran across the seemingly endless Southwark bridge to the site of the still-being-reconstucted Globe Theatre, where we had our Shakespeare course.

The class was fantastic. Of course the location and the plays and the performances were all good, but the best part was Patrick the hot Shakespeare professor. He was passionate about Shakespeare and as far as anybody could tell had devoted his life to the man.

[45 minutes elapse]

The whole point of this post was to write about some recent Shakespeare-related plays. During the Philly Fringe Festival I saw Shakesploitation with Scott, Dave, and Type E, and earlier this week I saw Quinnopolis Versus Hamlet, produced by 1812 Productions.

Instead of writing a review, however, I’ve been Googling Patrick the hot Shakespeare professor. As of a few years ago, Patrick was the Globe’s director of education, and he’s all over the Internet! Look, a picture! And he wrote the preface to a book called Looking for Sex in Shakespeare! More pictures! Exclamation!

Overall, Shakesploitation worked better than Quinnopolis Versus Hamlet. That is my review, because brevity is the soul of wit, and I am very busy cyberstalking Patrick the hot Shakespeare professor.

5 responses to “Patrick the Shakespeare professor and a review of some plays”

  1. Scott

    So his passion for Shakespeare make him hot, right?

  2. Clair

    Are you using IRC to stalk him?

  3. Sassy J

    I have some important sartorial queries. Why does he dress entirely in black? Is he into the dark comedies and tragedies? Did you have to wear hard hats to class?

  4. Becky

    I don’t know why Patrick’s always in dark colors. When I was in his class, he always wore a navy blue sweater.

    We did not have to wear hard hats–the classroom was actually adjacent to the construction side.

  5. #cake

    Patrick is only hot in relative terms…meaning relative to his two professor buddies.