Happy Birthday, Moon Pappy

plaid family

In honor of Moon Pappy’s birthday, I present the famous S family seventies plaid photo. Brother Dan S was either:

  • not born yet
  • behind the camera
  • smart enough to run away

Happy birthday, Moon Pappy! You’ll be eligible for social security next year really soon!

PS: Don’t laugh–plaid is hot this fall!

11 responses to “Happy Birthday, Moon Pappy”

  1. yoko

    I think I’ve filled my plaid-viewing quota for the month. I have plenty of photos of my family wearing plaid pants way back when.

    Happy birthday, Mr. S!

  2. very metal

    Are those Garanimals?

  3. Raul

    Moon Pappy,

    Happy birthday! I have always enjoyed reading your posts and I hope to see more of them soon.

  4. Mrs Moon Pappy

    Alas..Dan was not born yet when this memorable photo was taken. Did you notice the saddle shoes? Are they back in fashion yet???

  5. Becky

    I don’t know about saddle shoes, but can I have that velvet sofa for the new house?

    What’s a garanimal?

    Raul, Moon Pappy is too busy to comment much these days. For his retirement, I’m planning to get him his own blog.

  6. Raul

    “What’s a garanimal?”

    It is only *the* clothes of the 70’s. You would go to the store and match tops and bottoms by the type of animal that the tags are in the shape of. I was fond of the orange giraffe.

    Let me know if Moon Pappy gets a blog.

  7. Bill

    Were these the folks that inspired the musical “Forever Plaid”? Not having known Mr. S until his later years, I now understand some of the trauma that he subjected himself to in these formative parenting times that reveals itself presently in his collection of Tartan kilts and 3M product labels. Happy birthday to you, Mr. S, and may our weather turn good so that you can enjoy your delayed celebration at the beach in October.

  8. kristen

    we had the same exact sofa. did we all have the same sofa circa 1974?

  9. Lee

    I’m guessing ‘plaid’ is what we call ‘checked’… right? I remember crying when I couldn’t go to school in my purple checked flairs. I’ve tried blanking the memory so many times, but photos like that just bring it all back. 😉

  10. Beth

    Looks like you’re all ready for a nice round of golf. 🙂

  11. Philip

    Becky- As a fellow sextagenarian, I can sympathize with Moon Pappy. Being held up to ridicule by snide comments like social security, your funny clothes, those little odd shaped brats we are always holding. (But notice, we are always holding them vs. dangling them over a balcony.) It’s sometimes hard to think those little beings can be so cruel as to expose us to the world without our makeup on so to speak. I know it’s done in the best possible pc way but sometimes it still hurts to be demeaned by our own offspring who should be honoring us and presenting our biographies for world consumption. Just my idea. Moon Pappy may feel differently.