Arts pick: isolation and sterility

pay up footies

Today’s arts pick is inspired by the 2005 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. These stretchy plastic bags transform a pair of feet into instant performance art.

The dueling symbolism of this piece thrusts a tremendous amount of tension onto the viewer and leaves many questions unanswered. The plastic medium evokes the material commonly used to store waste. Possibly the subject has been discarded by friends, peers, or a significant other and now wears the melancholy booties of isolation.

Or perhaps the opposite is true: the subject denies the realities of her environment, and she wears the sterile, white foot condoms to form a protective barrier between herself and the outside world.

Regardless of one’s interpretation, the message of the artist is a resounding plea to reject the ever-encroaching sterility and isolation of modern life.

Because it is a roving installation, Good Grief! cannot provide the exact location of this piece. However, you can become your own art by obtaining a pair of the white, plastic booties. Go see Pay Up, a fantastic Fringe show performed by Philly’s own Pig Iron Theatre Company, and the booties are yours to keep. Tickets are selling fast, so hurry.

One response to “Arts pick: isolation and sterility”

  1. Sassy J

    I loved wearing the foot condoms. They felt nice on your feet–and like you were part of a special hazmat team. Pay Up was my favorite Fringe show this year (and I’ve seen 5 shows). Who wouldn’t love a social experiment complete with lab monkeys and broadway musical numbers?