Fringe toilet tricycle race

toilet race 1
From the Festival Guide:

[A] scatological Indianapolis 500 sure to be a highlight in this year’s Festival. Competition will be created by the lucky few racing aloft these johns-on-wheels. Be there to cheer them on as they ponder such uncertainties as – Is the toilet a metaphor for equality? The race a metaphor for life? Portapotties will be provided for the rest of us lesser athletes.

toilet race 2

5 responses to “Fringe toilet tricycle race”

  1. Dana

    is the race pants optional?

    curious in Florida

  2. Clair

    Are you supposed to ride them with the lid up or down…or does it depend?

  3. Becky

    That’s a great question, Clair. We didn’t see the actual race–just the awards. I imagine that propelling those things would be a lot easier with the lid down.

  4. Clair

    What about TP? Did any of them have TP or was that what they were racing to? (if so, I feel sorry for the losers)

  5. Anonymous

    How come this years toilet-trics are so much more snazzy than last year’s decre(a)pitude? I love that small boys are fascinated with the combo of potty and tric.

    Also, saw JJ Tizou at The Kitchen last night–good show. Since he photographs the entire Fringe, asked him for his favs and he recommends Northern Liberty and New Slang.