I heart my study

When you sign up to live in Fishtown, they throw in a study as part of the deal*. See this study? I’m sitting in it right now, studying, and I can feel myself getting smarter by the minute. Can’t you just feel the brainwaves oozing out of your monitor?

*While supplies last. Study time is subject to interruptions from ice cream trucks, pizza trucks, and the teenage girl having a crisis on your front stoop. Offer not valid in all states.

16 responses to “I heart my study”

  1. Emily Hambidge

    I heart your study, too!!! It looks so cozy!

  2. Dave

    I’d love to have a study, but I suspect I won’t have books impressive enough to pull it off. Can you recommend some titles that will evoke feelings of awe and wonder when I show off my shelves?

  3. Lee

    Howdy neighbour, I live in Fishtown too. I still remember the estate agent offering a study, en suite bathroom and utility room, as though he was peddling a “buy one house, get three rooms free” offer.

    Fishtown, Britannia does differ from Fishtown, PA mind. Our middle-class ideal demands American nannies rather than English ones. 😉

  4. Christine

    also loving the exposed brick wall, adds real character to a room. i’m jeal-y

  5. Becky

    Thanks, everyone! Lee, I had no idea that Fishtown has a sister city!

    Dave, your bookshelf should show the world that you are erudite and multi-faceted. Subscribe to a semi-obscure literary journal for one year and keep the back copies on your bookshelf. Stock up on some classic philosophical works (anything old school Greek or Roman is good). A few art books are required, as are a few religious tracts, just to show that you are open minded (can’t go wrong with something written by the Dalai Lama, but also throw in something scholarly).

    Go for depth: pick a scientific figure and stock up on all of his or her writings. Choose a literary place/period and collect! Make sure to pick an era that is no longer under copyright; you will be able to get the books cheaper. Personally, I like the Brits: Jane Austen, etc. Choose some classic fiction that is still relevant (Catch-22, for example). Round out your collection with some current bestsellers to show the world that you are not a book snob. Finally, proudly display your technical books–they show your female visitors that you are employable.

    And please–if you have any self-help books, hide them under your bed.

  6. Dana

    oh i **HEART** it too!
    after my cabinets get installed today i am sharing before and after pics of my new house! You can see then that we have VERY similar studies!

  7. Clair

    What were you studying?

  8. Becky

    I am currently studying the Internet.

  9. Luna

    Great study topic Becky! (One of my favorite things to study!) And great study too, I need to add some color to mine; perhaps I’ll add some red like in your case…love the globe btw. Been wanting to get one myself…but wouldn’t know where to put it.

  10. Glenn

    Pretty damn swanky.
    Is that an Ikea chair on the left? If so, why no matching footstool? 🙂

  11. molly

    enjoy your study! the study in my first house mysteriously turned into a nursery. Now I have an attic that no one can bomb my studio from.

  12. Sassy J

    Where is the headless doll and the inflatable Mr. Stud box?

  13. Tom G

    In the house we just moved into, I’ve got a room very similar to yours, but with exposed stone instead of brick. However, you have managed to do more with yours than I have with mine. Oh, and I was intending to put one of those IKEA chairs in my room too.

    By the way, what are you studying? Is it a book from the book club you are in with Paul Giamatti?

  14. Becky

    Sassy, I finally disposed of the inflatable Mr. Stud box when I moved out of Fairmount. It was quite a relief.

    Tom, don’t give me too much credit on the room. What the photo doesn’t show is a big pile of unpacked boxes shoved into the corner. Exposed stone? That sounds cool…

    Paul Giamatti quit my bookclub 🙁

  15. Glenn

    Sorry for outing you as an Ikea consumer. I actually really like those chairs myself. Thought about getting a couple a month or so ago. But that was around the same time I decided I was tired of renting and have started hoarding for a down payment on a home (which will hopefully happen within the next year or two).
    Honestly though, most of my furniture is Ikea bought, so I didn’t mean any offense 🙂

  16. Brian Hastings

    Is there a pumpkin chunkin contest this year. Please email me with details.