Rodin and stuff

Philadelphia's Rodin Museum

These dog days of summer are drawing to a close, and life is slowly returning to the normal routine of “doing stuff” instead of “packing stuff” and “unpacking stuff” and “having nervous breakdowns and stuff.”

Last weekend I finally got to the Rodin Museum for the weekly 1 PM Sunday tour. Though Rodin had many influences, it was the city of Philadelphia that inspired some of his greatest works. For example, the piece pictured here, often erroneously attributed to an incident in Calais, is a study of SEPTA commuters waiting for the bus.

Other exciting upcoming stuff on the calendar:

  • Of Montreal is playing on Friday, August 26th at the First Unitarian Church. I don’t know anything about this band except for some mp3s.
  • The Philadelphia Fringe Festival (or the Live Arts Festival or whatever they call it now) begins on September 2nd. If anyone has a good tip on what to see, I’d be most appreciative.
  • 1812 Productions, my favorite Philadelphia theatre company, has good deals on 2005-2006 season tickets: three Tuesday shows for $30. 1812 is also hosting pay-what-you-can dress rehearsals that benefit ActionAIDS.
  • Accordion!
  • Barbara Ehrenreich is speaking at the Philadelphia Free Library’s main branch on October 5th.
  • Ike Reilly will be at the Khyber on October 9th!

4 responses to “Rodin and stuff”

  1. yoko


  2. Becky

    I got one for my birthday (back in July). Pictures to follow…

    Now we can start the Klezmer band! Well, after I learn how to play it, which will be after I learn ColdFusion and paint the house.

  3. Clair

    Did it come with a monkey with a little cup for change?

  4. yoko

    yes! I’ll probably be ready for klezmer playing … by the time you’re done all those things.