Men Without Hats

‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine

It is time to put these outdated prejudices behind us. We must strive to embrace all of humanity–even those people who do not dance. It is not our place to judge, and we cannot truly understand those who do not dance until we have not danced a mile in their shoes.

18 responses to “S-A-F-E-T-Y”

  1. Anonymous

    If you danced a mile in anyone’s shoes you would probably suffer such catastrophic podiatric injury that you’d never tap, waltz, or foxtrot again… ever. Let alone walk. Well, depends on what kind of dancing you were doing, maybe. And what shoes you were dancing with. You’d also have to be totally sure you stretched and all that jive.

  2. keith

    On behalf of the Dancing Impaired everywhere thank you for your kind words. We can only hope that society will follow your lead and accept us for who we are.

  3. Clair

    As someone who doesn’t dance, I am actually OK if you who do don’t embrace me. It’s a little too warm out there for embracing.

  4. Scott

    I would just like to implore everybody to look at their hands.

  5. Thad

    I don’t know what prompted this particular blog post, Becky, but I appreciate the dispensation!

    Scotty, you know full well that in college, your preferred replacement for the lyrics “everybody look at your hands” was “everyone pull down your pants”. Just keepin’ you honest! 😛

  6. Ryan

    I can’t dance, I can’t talk.
    Only thing about me is the way I walk.

    True story, I walk funny.

  7. Clair

    No, you told the dancers that they should try to embrace others. I let them know that I was OK. No sense spending time on unnecessary tasks (like continuing this thread).

    OK, maybe that last part was a little rude.

  8. Becky

    Clair, observe the comments of Keith, Scott, Thad, and Ryan. This is how civilized, non-rude people behave on the Internet.

  9. Clair

    Well, at least I’m hot.

  10. Thad

    Well I was a little rude, above. Note that I stuck my tongue out at everyone!

    Clair, are you saying that Keith, Scott, Ryan, Becky and I are not hot? Now that’s acting like an imbecile!

    (Ecch, but it had to be done.)

  11. Becky

    Thad, I was waiting for someone to bring up acting like an imbecile–it was inevitable.

  12. Ryan

    Right on Thad. I’m way hot.

  13. Clair

    Uh, the comment was intended to indicate that while I don’t behave well, I at least have my hotness going for me.

  14. Becky

    I am now accepting applications for the 2006 “Men of Good Grief!” calendar.

  15. Clair

    That is so degrading.

    Would we get paid?

  16. Sassy J

    Becky–I’ve been waiting for that calendar. I think Clair should be on the cover–since he was the original hot guy on this site.

  17. Raul

    I was away in the beutiful state of Utah…are you still accepting applications for “Men of Good Grief!”

  18. Raul

    I meant “beautiful” and not “beutiful”. The lack of oxygen at the higher elevations must have messed up my head.