Fishtown Street Movies and Miscellaneous Short Animations

On Friday night, the Scribe Video Center’s Street Movies! program came to Fishtown. Films included Shouts from the Crowd, a documentary about local jazz band Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers, From the Del to the El, a story about the evolution of Fishtown, and Still Life With Animated Dogs.

The hit of the evening was Y Did Yoda Figt Count Duku, an animated Star Wars movie by Sean McBride and his 5-year-old cousin. Watch it, or I will cut you in half like a sandwich!

All of this is a sad reminder of the short films I saw at the 2005 Philadelphia Film Festival and never wrote about. So in lieu of actually writing, here are links to some of the animated goodness–only four months late.

  • My favorite was Arthur De PinsLa Revolution des Crabes. It’s about crabs who mistakenly believe that they are doomed to traverse a single path.
  • Sergey Aniskov ‘s Candy Venery.
  • April by Jiwook Kim, a pencil animation featuring an “ugly” girl whose looks cause those around her to vomit. See it in QuickTime.
  • J.J. Villard’s Chestnuts Icelolly, a strange movie about an ice-lolly loving boy and the evil villain who forces him to sell chestnuts. Somehow, the use of Crimson and Clover on the soundtrack really works. See it in QuickTime.

Those last two pieces are hosted by California Institute of the Arts; its film school has many more streams available for your viewing pleasure.

5 responses to “Fishtown Street Movies and Miscellaneous Short Animations”

  1. Jeff Martin

    “My name is Yoda. Okay, bye.”

    That five-minute movie was better than Lucas’ first two prequels put together. Great pick, Becky. And welcome back.

  2. Glenn

    Y Did Yoda Figt Count Duku was extremely amusing, thanks for the link!

  3. Type E

    Good belated recap of the shorts! I also remember the one featuring a dental patient who couldn’t stop shoving massive amounts of fish scales into his mouth. Turns out that’s bad for oral hygiene.

  4. Becky

    What? Was I asleep for that one?

  5. Type E

    Probably – it was near the end.