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Goodbye, boss-across-the-hall!

Goodbye, boss-across-the-hall!

Friday is my last day at the soulless office park, so I’ve decided to kill off boss-across-the-hall.  Sample obituaries include: On Friday, July 15th, boss-across-the-hall was electrocuted in the soulless office park men’s room after dropping his Blackberry into the commode. A forensics team has determined that boss-across was attempting to send several e-mails, schedule […]

Lititz:  At last, shoe man!

Lititz: At last, shoe man!

Special K did not have his annual Fourth of July roof deck party, so I went home to check out Lititz’s annual Fourth of July extravaganza. Because I’ve been stalking Shoe Man for the past year, I asked Moon Pappy to make an unscheduled drive-by. Success! In front of Shoe Man’s house was a large, […]