Riversharks versus Barnstormers

Because of the upcoming home purchase, break between jobs, and trip to Maine, I am in extreme cheapskate mode. Just ask the poor bastard who had to help me at the Verizon Wireless store. I gave him the business about mail-in rebates versus instant rebates and marched out the door in a huff.

Campbell Field
One fun cheapskate activity is a trip to Camden’s Campbell field, home of the Riversharks. The tickets are inexpensive, the stadium is beautiful, with views of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Philadelphia skyline, and the baseball is, uh, well, it’s baseball. Okay, the team looked pretty amateur last night. At one point, three people hustled towards a fly ball in left field, which somehow landed on the ground. Comical. The Riversharks were trounced 14-2, but that’s okay because they lost to the brand new Lancaster Barnstormers!

That’s right, Lancaster got itself a baseball team, complete with a fancy stadium. Although the team is currently in last place (hey, expansion teams never do well in the first year), the Barnstormers looked great last night. The only thing missing was Cylo, their mascot. Cylo as in Cy Young, but also silo as in traditional Lancaster County. Get it?

More baseball on Saturday, when the Phillies play the Red Sox. Those tickets were procured prior to me being a cheapskate, so it’s okay.

UPDATE: I bought the phone (with camera!) on the Internet and got an instant online rebate. Mail-in rebates are so twentieth century.

5 responses to “Riversharks versus Barnstormers”

  1. Scott

    You know what this means. One day you will be in a bathroom and you will take a picture using your phone.

    Mark my words!

  2. Becky


  3. Sassy J

    Becky–make sure you program my cell number into yours: it’s 215-837-5209

  4. Becky

    While we’re at it, if anyone needs to reach me at home, it’s 867-5309.

  5. Christine

    1st – Scott speaks the truth, we all do it
    2nd – I love seeing professional ball players do that Bad News Bears thing with running at the ball and no one gets it. Would pay extra if they would guarantee a viewing of their actually running into each other and falling down around the ball. hehehe