Life moves pretty fast

There must be something in the water around here because things are happening. Big things. Superwoman got a job in San Francisco, and her first day was Monday. I know she’ll kick ass and I couldn’t be happier for her, but life just won’t be the same without Superwoman’s hospitality, warmth, and ability to listen and give advice.

Amazing A is moving to Tucson, where she and her husband found the cutest bungalow ever. Who can replace her role as my adviser on faux meat products and soap making?

In a few short weeks I’ll say goodbye to the soulless office park and say hello to life on a city campus. Not only is the new job a wonderful professional opportunity, it’s a quality of life move because it will eliminate my biggest source of aggravation: commuting via car.

Other big things: yesterday I put in an offer on my first house. If the offer is accepted–and I will cry if it’s not–all I have to do between now and August is finish up my current job, hire an inspector, apply for a mortgage, hire movers, pack, phone my evil landlord, plan a week-long Maine camping trip, and study up on ColdFusion. No problem.

And maybe the biggest news of all: I am finally getting cell phone.

19 responses to “Life moves pretty fast”

  1. megan

    Holy moly! Go girl. Stay sane. Drink lots.

  2. yoko

    Wow– so many changes happening all at once! No more crossing-the-bridge commutes for you! But I’m crossing my fingers for you for the house.

  3. Dana

    AW! little becky is growing up!
    will you be my hero?

  4. PLD

    Wait – lemme get this straight – you got the job via the blog??? Details!!

    You are going to love a car-free commute; it’s so liberating!


  5. Estelle

    Congratulations on your new job! Hopefully you’ll make valuable friends on your new workplace, precious people who will advise you on fake meat. Good luck with everything!

  6. Raul

    Congrats on your new job…we will miss you here though.

    If you need any help wading through all of the mortgage stuff then give me a call, I used to originate them.

  7. Scott


    Though I should point out that I loathe change and think it should be banned.

  8. Sherri

    Congrats on the new job. I had a car-free commute for 12 years (up until my CURRENT job, alas), and I really do miss those days. Enjoy it!

  9. Moon Pappy

    It is a dizzy world at times…and one has no choice to spin with it even faster on ocassion…”You go Girl” Becky. But don’t get too dizzy.(remember you are a blond)
    I hope you can find a New Boss-Across-the Hall” at you new “soul-filled” job to keep us faithful readers in stitches.
    What is with the Cold Fusion? I didn’t know you were trained in physics? But then again there is not much you can’t do or learn to if you set your mind to it!

  10. Becky

    Estelle, you’re right. Surely there’s someone on campus who will be able to advise about fake meat.

    Raul, thanks! I’m hoping that the mortgage process will go smoothly, but I’ll let you know if I hit a snag.

    Scott, Mr. “Change is Bad”…how’s that new job of yours going?

    Sherri, I will definitely enjoy car-free commuting, though a certain finger may suffer from lack of exercise.

    Moon Pappy, if I had to brush up on my physics for this new job, I’d be in deep trouble.

  11. Dave

    Congrats on the job part, but I’m really impressed that you’re finally getting a cell phone! Welcome to 2005!

  12. Superwoman

    Wow Becky! Just when I thought my life was hectic, I jumped back on the blog to catch up on yours. New job, new home, and the biggest surprise of all…you’re going to be a cellulite. Welcome to the club! I think you should get a bag phone to start off. Carry it to West Phily as you’re walking to work…that would be funny.

  13. Tom G


  14. Jay V

    Congratulations on all those counts, like, new position, new cell phone, and no more driving.

  15. Sassy J

    A house and a cell phone? I really hope the house comes through. Can’t wait to call you once you get past that rebate stuff.

  16. Suzette

    There’s a sort of balance to the universe, isn’t there? I get off the Philly roads and stay in Jersey and you get off the Jersey roads and stay in Philly. Somebody somewhere must be keeping track of these things.

  17. Scott

    Becky, thanks for asking! The job is going well. I am using a Mac, wearing shorts, and I just got a bunch of books. What more could I ask for?

  18. emily

    Holy cramoly batman! Becks – congrats!! The soul-less office park loses one more potential victim! You will need to attend a party to celebrate – i vote my place – gaby is cooking up some serious brews these days (thanks chris!)!! Seriously, I remember the life moves so fast my head is spinning phase. If you add in getting married two weeks after closing on the house – you will have my last summer! Congrats!

  19. IT Security Dude

    Just because the Office Park is soulless doesn’t mean the denizens are, too. We’ll miss Ms. S here. Well, we won’t miss her pings of death, but we will miss all the rest. Muchas congratulaciones and good luck across the bridge.