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Support Magnetic Ribbons

Support magnetic ribbons

Yesterday the soulless office park Business Intelligence crew, led by boss-across-the-hall, played hooky at Six Flags Great Adventure to celebrate our Award. For job security reasons I don’t talk much about work, but I’m leaving anyway, so what the hell? A few months ago, boss-across gave me the green light to enter one of our […]

RF Protection

RF Protection

Guess what arrived at the soulless office park this morning? My cell phone! How is it possible for Verizon to ship a phone in less time than the average wait on their customer service hotline? It is truly amazing. Even though I’ve only made two calls so far, I can feel radio waves and gamma […]

Riversharks versus Barnstormers

Riversharks versus Barnstormers

Because of the upcoming home purchase, break between jobs, and trip to Maine, I am in extreme cheapskate mode. Just ask the poor bastard who had to help me at the Verizon Wireless store. I gave him the business about mail-in rebates versus instant rebates and marched out the door in a huff. One fun […]

Life moves pretty fast

Life moves pretty fast

There must be something in the water around here because things are happening. Big things. Superwoman got a job in San Francisco, and her first day was Monday. I know she’ll kick ass and I couldn’t be happier for her, but life just won’t be the same without Superwoman’s hospitality, warmth, and ability to listen […]

Ommegang > Dick Cheney's Thighs

Ommegang > Dick Cheney’s Thighs

A few readers have privately expressed dismay at seeing Dick Cheney’s picture on top of the weblog and have asked could I please put up a new entry? Fair enough, so I’m ending the week with a much happier image: New York’s Ommegang brewery. I visited Ommegang back in May and will update later with […]

Cheney's Cheese

Cheney’s Cheese

A few years ago, I was watching a James Bond movie–From Russia With Love, I think–and was surprised to see Sean Connery getting it on with a beautiful woman who had less than perfectly smooth thighs. I’d have to watch again to be sure, but I think she had what today would be called cellulite. […]