Boss-across-the-hall update: Blackberry in the bathroom?

Shortly after he walked back to the restroom, I received an e-mail from boss-across-the-hall.

13 responses to “Boss-across-the-hall update: Blackberry in the bathroom?”

  1. Dave

    How disturbing.

    Someone I know used to send me camera phone pictures of a toilet paper roll whenever said person was in the bathroom.

  2. Becky

    Yeah, it’s almost as disturbing as a picture of a dog eating an innocent little chick.

  3. Debra Hamel


  4. Becky

    Well, Debra, here’s the thing. Everyone knows about bloggers getting fired for writing about work, etc. That’s why boss-across-the-hall hasn’t made many recent appearances on Good Grief!

    So I can’t reveal the contents of said e-mail since it might divulge the status of our super-secret soulless office park project du jour.

  5. Dave

    The dog is helping that little chick! Really!

    Becky: An etiquette question — Is it acceptable to IM/page/text/e-mail from the bathroom if one needs more TP? I think that’s a pressing emergency.

  6. Debra Hamel

    Damn. I like Boss Across.

    Surely your clever pseudonym for him is adequate cover/protection?

  7. Tom

    This is disturbing. I think I would delete this email as quickly as possible and then empty the trash. And then check the help of my email program for an entry labeled “fumigate”.

  8. Scott

    I see nothing wrong with this. We all need to multitask, right?

  9. Becky

    Uh, Scott, where were you when you posted that comment? Please tell me that Good Grief! is not contaminated!

  10. Glenn

    I was about to type pretty much the exact comment Scott wrote.
    Lots of people read while ‘occupied’ he’s just taking it a step further, I mean it’s not like he took his secretary into the bathroom to dictate a letter or anything.
    ….Or is this more of your bathroom technophobia? 😉
    I remember Scott posting some Flock of Seaguls graffiti he took on his camera phone in a bathroom stall and you not liking that either 🙂

  11. Scott

    Becky, I could post a comment from the bathroom, but that posted was.

    This post is anyone’s guess.

  12. IT Security Dude

    Now I know why Becky’s team just won a prestigious award. Bathroom multitasking? Huzzah! Well, congratulations are afoot, in any case.

  13. Moon Pappy

    Scott: I was always enformed (from home and work)that Men could NOT Multitask! Something to do with our genes.
    So to “boss-across-the hall” and to all the men readers and posters out there, Let’s not display our true abilities around. It only get us in trouble, and sometimes more work!
    Let’s keep all our myths (male and female intact). It makes for more jokes on ourselves.