Bizarre Cooperstown Moment

Someone turned an ugly portrait of the pope into a jigsaw puzzle and then displayed it next to a decorative, flashing-light moose plaque. This shocking exhibit is but a few steps away from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, an institution that embodies the national pastime and moral fabric of our great nation.

14 responses to “Bizarre Cooperstown Moment”

  1. Dana

    maybe they just want the Fanatic to get one of those groovy pointy caps.

  2. Type E

    Why aren’t there public indecency laws for tackiness? And a flashing moose? There’s no way the pope would approve of that.

  3. Theresa

    well it doesn’t have three boobs or anything, but I guess it’s ok…

  4. Sassy J

    Can’t you people see the connection here? The Papa and moose are both dead. Clearly, the moose has an after-life expressed by the flashing lights. But what about JPII? Carved up into 550 puzzle pieces? That just doesn’t seem right.

  5. Anonymous

    Sassy, that’s the new pope carved into 550 puzzle pieces! Sheesh, aren’t you the lapsed Catholic.

  6. Glenn

    I, like Sassy J, thought that was the old pope too. My only defense is that Becky wrote Ougly portrait of the pope” in the initial post. I then proceeded to look at the picture and thought to myself – wow, that doesn’t even LOOK like Pope John Paul, what a horrible picture!

  7. Glenn

    I am now trying to figure out how I hit a capital “O” instead of an opening quotation mark in my last post… strange.

  8. Scott

    All I know is that I want that jigsaw puzzle.

  9. Clair

    So do you need to do a Hail Mary for each piece you put togther in the puzzle?

  10. Sassy J

    Ahem–I’m sorry to report that is the deceased pope. Lookie here. Did you really think someone would produce a jigsaw of the new pope that quickly? Which brings me back to my original point–the moose is getting a lot more after life credit than the Holy Father.

  11. Clair

    How do we know that the moose is dead?

  12. Glenn

    Thanks Sassy J!
    I feel better

  13. Sassy J

    Clair obviously the moose has been “shot at” to create the image. It is also pierced by 1,000 points of light. It is part of a memorial shrine. And, how long ago do think that tschotke was produced?

    On the plus side, these are exactly the types of items Becky should start collecting for her front window if she decides to go with the South Philly Chic.

  14. Becky

    Wow, I can’t believe that’s JP! They all look the same in those hats.