Jim Thome visits the soulless office park

I guess Jim Thome got bored on the disabled list, because today he paid a visit to the soulless office park.

Jim Thome

11 responses to “Jim Thome visits the soulless office park”

  1. very metal

    I sense some sort of Photoshopped chicanery going on here: as in, who’s that tiny-pupilled person clutching Jim Thome?

  2. Type E

    Now we know why Thome gets hurt so often – he is made of cardboard.

  3. Balls, Sticks,

    Small World

    Becky S., a fellow JMU alum, posted a recent picture of her and Jim Thome meeting.

  4. Clair

    I imagine that his butt must be pretty flat.

  5. Scott

    Which is which?

  6. Jay V

    My favorite part is how the shadows don’t match. 🙂

  7. Clair

    You got ice cream? That makes it legit to me. Unless of course there was actual smoke in the smokescreen. But that would probably be bad in a hospital.

  8. Christine

    OMG – is Thome that big now?!?

    He was such a hottie when he was playing in Cleveland.
    Good thing they keep replenishing the teams with new hot young things.

  9. Sassy J

    Why is his belt askew? And why would baseball uniforms include a leather belt–that seems counter intuitive to doing athletic activities–I can’t imagine playing tennis or doing yoga with a leather strap cinched to my waist.

  10. Becky

    Yeah, I saw a picture of Thome in his younger days, and the change is drastic. Too much scrapple and too many cheesesteaks can do that to a person.

  11. Liz

    Jim Thome is a super nice guy. I met him on the street in NYC two summers ago. It was awesome. He signed my Phillies hat.