Seeking Lititzonians

vandalized lion
Frankly, I am shocked that no enterprising weblogger has taken on the project of documenting the life and times of Lititz, Pennsylvania. I’d do it myself, but I’m only there a few times a year.

My current Lititz goal is to track down “shoe man,” a former state trooper who sits in his front yard and reads while wearing women’s shoes. Shoe man lives near my parents, but he’s never out when I’m visiting, and even if he was, I’m not sure I’d be able to snap a stealth photo. My mom, who recently retired and is therefore on the prowl around town, sees him all the time. She reports that one day last week shoe man was sporting white strappy pumps in the morning but switched to non-strappy white pumps for the afternoon.

Lititz is full of characters. Some of these characters, like shoe man, are quirky in an amusing and harmless kind of way, and some are downright maddening in a racist and homophobic kind of way. But Lititz is where I was born and raised, so I have a great affection for the town.

Thankfully, Lititz’s online presence has improved over the last few years. I always knew as a local news aggregator (remember when a Lititz woman was outed as a *gasp* Democrat in USA Today?), but it turns out that the site also hosts Lititz-oriented online discussion forums.

And at long last, The Lititz Record Express has some online content, and the letters to the editor alone are enough material to fuel a weblog. Some recent reader comments:

  • Women with drivers licenses should be more considerate to other people.
  • Have you tried to blow the paper wrapper off a straw recently? Most of the time it just simply can’t be done.
  • As the editor, you have the right to edit what gets printed; you don’t have to print every letter written.

So where are the Lititz webloggers?  I would enjoy some hard-hitting commentary and analysis!

8 responses to “Seeking Lititzonians”

  1. Sassy J

    By any chance is the shooting the wad of paper off straws the hidden subtext in your love of bendy straws? That’s quite a colorful small town. I wonder how many women would make the shoe switch in the course of a day.

  2. ricky

    I’m not entirely sure just one blogger could cover all that is Lititz. A blog team, a group, a Lititz web ring, perhaps.

    I mean, a lot of shit goes down there. Every day. If it’s not a paying position, I don’t see how one person could keep up.

    I did see the story about the Lion, though. Sad. Senseless Lititz mayhem.

    Unlike, you know, the regular Lititz mayhem. The thoughtful kind…

  3. ami

    I work 5 minutes from Lititz, and I’ve never once seen shoe man. I must seriously be missing out on the Lititzness.

  4. garrie keyman

    Hey, thanks for mentioning us at and totally blowing over Lititz With a Twist!

    Yes, I know the state trooper of whom you speak … even featured a knock-off character based on him in a short story that placed as a finalist in the 72nd Writer’s Digest Annual Short Story Competition the other year. That Story, HOME FREE also featured the old St. Paul’s at the heart of so much controversy (ie: save it / raze it) over the past number of years. I live four doors down from it.

    HOME FREE is due out in audio at very soon but I think in its current incarnation you so-called “shoe-man” might have been edited out. I’ll have to double check.

    Anyway, fun to find other Lititzians on the web. Adieu.

    — gar

  5. philip

    Well Becky, it looks like Lititz got its just rewards today. Tell the guys down at the local airport that the governor of Kentucky tried that capital evacuation trick already. They’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to get ahead of Kentuckians.

  6. Becky

    Yeah, but have Kentuckians ever managed to evacuate the national capitol?

    Philip, it took me a while to figure out what you’re talking about. The guy who flew into restricted territory and caused the chaos in DC yesterday is from Lititz! All the more reason for the Lititz beat to get more online coverage.

    However, the story about the vandalized lion head still ranks higher in a Google news search.

  7. philip
  8. Gregg Hesling

    While it may not cover the scintillating day-to-day drama of the local characters, Dale Groff, of Forgotten Seasons B&B, covers much of the 250+ year history of Lititz on his blog at
    (Heck, his house was built in 1735!)