The Dessert

I just ate the last kosher, low-cal, low-carb vanilla Passover meringue. There’s really nothing else to write, so I’ll leave you with some eye candy.

Eye candy #1 is a picture of Pat Burrell’s backside.

The Dessert
Eye candy #2 is The Dessert, last week’s main culinary accomplishment.

Pat Burrel
The Dessert has many layers:

  • A crust made of homemade chocolate chip cookie crumbs
  • A coating of dark chocolate espresso fudge sauce
  • One pint of Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream
  • One pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate therapy ice cream
  • Another pint of Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream
  • More cookie crumbs
  • More dark chocolate espresso fudge sauce.

38 responses to “The Dessert”

  1. yoko

    I have to stop drooling all over my keyboard.
    (It’s because of the dessert, not Pat Burrell’s butt.)

  2. Jen

    God how sad is it that I’d choose the dessert over a guy’s ass.

  3. Becky

    Wow. I hope that’s just end-of-law-school stress speaking.

  4. Melissa

    Thank you for two very yummy pictures. Ah.

  5. Paul

    Ugh. I sooo had to fire Pat Burrell like two weeks ago. Who knew he’d be the two week wonder and then cool off while your whole team slides into the basement? Good luck with that.

  6. Becky

    Oooh, Paul, so negative! Are you from Philly or something? Burrell must have been uplifted by this entry, which inspired his home run last night.

  7. Jen

    I think I was hungry when I wrote that. I am back to normal now, bring on the butts!

  8. Scott

    Eh, neither one do anything for me.

  9. Clair

    I am sorry but this post is totally unacceptable. As a society, we need to show greater respect towards others and not reduce them to an object which is there soley for our visual pleasure.

    Unless of course we are at a Hooters or talking about cheerleaders.

  10. Becky

    Whew. Jen, I was worried there for a minute.

    Scott, I am slightly miffed that you are not showing proper respect for The Dessert. I thought you liked ice cream?

    Clair, how does this post being unacceptable make it different from any other post?

  11. Raul

    I think that my butt is better than both of the above choices.

  12. Scott

    I love ice cream however:

    1. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate
    2. I dislike dark chocolate flat out
    3. I don’t like espresso or espresso flavored items
    4. Chocolate therapy seems WAY too chocolaty for me

    Other than that, the dessert looks better good. 😉

    Hey, I’m a boring vanilla kinda guy.

  13. Jen

    In the near future, I’ll do a post about guys asses just to show how I have recovered.

  14. Sassy J

    That’s a mighty fine _ _ _. Plus, he’s 6’4″! Becky, I’m so glad you’ve found another Philly’s player to objectify (and give all of us that opportunity) since the other guy with the nice smile from Penn left the team (don’t you like how I can’t remember his name?). The decadent dessert looks good too–but definitely comes in second.

  15. Scott

    I’m 6’4″.

    Just saying.

  16. Erin

    Must use my bragging rights while I have the opp… after the Braves/Phillies 10 inning game on April 17, I had the very drunken pleasure of Pat Burrell signing my boob old-school style at the Irish Pub… too bad he had to get his girlfriend’s permission first. But, ladies, he is at the Irish Pub on 20th and Walnut fairly regularly, so stop on down for some first hand eye candy!

  17. very metal

    Aaaarrrgh!! I keep stopping by and seeing Pat “Remember When I Was A .200 Hitter?” Burrell’s butt, which I don’t like, and then the delicious-looking dessert, which I do, and now I’m starting to get the two confused.

    Help! Post something that’s not men’s asses! Which I don’t like! Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Special to Erin: if that’s Burrell’s girlfriend in the picture, I wouldn’t worry about her too much. If you’re older than 12, you can deal with her, permission be damned.

  18. Becky

    Sassy J, Doug Glanville (the aforementioned former Phillie and Penn guy with a nice smile) was more than just an object to me, and I am still looking for a replacement favorite Phillie. Pat Burrell’s ass is merely a temporary distraction.

    And as you well know, I do not share your tall man enthusiasm. There’s nothing wrong with tall men; I just don’t find height to be an important factor in overall attraction. Material for another post, perhaps.

    Erin, I’m not sure what to say. Pat Burrell is not enough to entice me into the Irish Pub. I’m glad you got your boob signed, though!

    very metal, telling me to post something else pretty much guarantees that Burrell’s butt will be up for at least another few days. Sheesh, don’t you know anything about stubborn women?

  19. very metal

    Looks like I’m learning. Sheesh.

  20. Clair

    So what would be the best writing instrument to sign a boob? I mean, just in case the need ever arises…

  21. Becky

    A compromise! Now Pat Burrell’s butt is not the first thing you’ll see. Bonus: in a few weeks when people Google Burrell’s ass and end up here, they will be really confused.

    Clair, my advice is to carry a Sharpie at all times.

  22. Clair

    I have another question. Did you take a picture of my butt at the game?

  23. Becky

    You’ll never know unless I decide to post it. I’m sure everyone’s dying to see a butt shot of Clair, resident Good Grief hottie.

  24. Scott

    Hmm, now considering what tight control you like to wield over photos which include you, Becky, do you think it is fair to snap photos of anyone’s butt without first asking permission?

  25. Becky


  26. very metal

    If Burrell didn’t want weird butt fetish sites about him sprouting up all over the internet, he shoulda stayed out of baseball. He knew the risks.

  27. Sherri W.

    Now, I know the switch in the photographic lineup was made in response to earlier complaints, but I have to say I’m rather disturbed to see Pat Burrell’s butt where a yummy dessert oughta be.

    And nothing (not even the starting lineup of my BoSox, okay well, maybe THAT) would get me to the Irish Pub on 20th and walnut. Years ago, I saw a guy flat-out clock his girlfriend outside the front door of the place, and the bouncer/ID-checking-employee didn’t do a thing in repsonse.

    Totally off topic: anyone going to Headlong for First Friday tomorrow?

  28. Becky

    Sherri, the monthly Headlong freebie never seems to fit into the schedule. I’d like to make a point of getting down there in June, which is always one of the best First Friday months. Enjoy if you go!

    The recipient of The Dessert has expressed some distress at the correlation between his pie and Burrell’s butt. Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  29. Sassy J

    Scott, if your butt could rival Burrell’s, you’d be one hot item–for eye candy that is. All the other non-objectifying qualities are also important, but you can’t demonstrate them in a photo.

  30. Scott

    Thanks, Sassy J. Though sadly I don’t think I have a Burrell level butt, however, I have a great personality.

  31. Sherri

    Wait. This ISN’T the fetish site for Hello Kitty, Max Raabe, and the Palaster-Orchestra?

    Shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque…

  32. very metal

    Some of the terminology has been puzzling me a bit. OK, I haven’t signed that many women’s, uh, whatevers, but does one techincally sign “a boob” or “a bosom”? There are just a lot of references to “a boob” being signed and the logistics aren’t quite making sense.

    –Puzzled in Texas

  33. Liz

    There is NOTHING more delicious than Pat Burrell’s bum… oh baby I have season tix in LF at Citizen’s Bank Park just so I can look at his ass the whole time. I’ll take his piece of ass over that other slice anytime.. no calories. YUMMY!

  34. Clair

    And here I thought people sat in LF to see MY ass. How humbling…

  35. Jessika

    Oh, they are delicious!



  37. gia fab


  38. hellcat

    I’m sorry to inform you all that Pat Burrell’s ass lies in piss most nights due to a slight enuresis problem. I’m not a fan of chocolate myself, but at least the dessert is more sanitary.