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Surreal sightings at the PMA

Surreal sightings at the PMA

Salvador Dali wasn’t the only surreal thing happening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday. Legwarmers, a surreal fashion trend, made an appearance in the gallery full of ants and decomposing donkeys. Compare and contrast to MoMA’s patrons, who wear their underwear on the outside. Also, the Dali gift shop is quite surreal, as demonstrated […]

Boss-across-the-hall update:  horse report

Boss-across-the-hall update: horse report

He is drowning in a .NET connection pool, which does not look like fun. But the big issue of the day is soulless office park basketball data. Boss-across: I can’t figure out how to weight our horse statistics. Becky: What? Boss-across: As we play more games, the individual scores start dropping because of the way […]