Phreakin’ Phils

Phillie Phanatic
Now that the Grapefruit League is in full swing, Phillies weblogs everywhere are coming out of hibernation. A new addition to the group is Phreakin’ Phils: another freaking Phillies blog.
The site is less than a week old, but proprietor Wade Bloggs has already offered innovative ideas to improve our beloved and beleaguered baseball team. For example, after comparing General Manager Ed Wade to Mayor Street, claiming that “they have each taken old, marginally successful franchises and made them a laughing stock in other cities,” Bloggs suggests that full control of the Phillies should be given to the Phanatic.

Though Phreakin’ Phils has a negative spin on the team, the commentary so far is fun and a welcome diversion from sports sites that focus mainly on recaps and statistics.

One sad note as we get ready to begin the 2005 season: Doug Glanville is no longer with us. Doug, I’ll miss your smiling face beaming down from the Phanavision.

Glanville Phanavision
UPDATE: Those under 18 or those who believe that the Phillie Phanatic is all about good, clean, phamily phun, should not view the picture below. Imagine my poor, virgin eyes when opening an e-mail only to find this shocking image (thanks, Type E).

naked Phanatic

6 responses to “Phreakin’ Phils”

  1. Scott

    Oh! This means that soon I will be able to get one of those ice cream sundaes in a tiny Phillies helmet.

    Mmmm… over priced ice cream novelties.

  2. Tintil

    Gosh, is it a year since I was first introduced to the joys of the Phanatic? It seems only moments ago and I still haven’t got round to setting up the UK phan club.

    Mind you, in the current political climate, if I was caught wandering round London with a giant wiener gun, I’d probably be placed under immediate house arrest.

  3. Becky

    And don’t forget the overpriced Peace A Pizza slices!

    Tintil, I’m so proud! A Londoner has learned how to spell phan; this blog has not been in vain.

  4. Tom G

    Wow, even the Phanatic has to worry about paparazzi taking unwanted pics.

  5. Matt

    I don’t hold out much hope for the Phils this year, but I suppose that anything is possible. Let’s hope that the organization takes heed of its critics and does less to alienate fans than it did last year. Making a mid-season move to help the team would be a good start if the situation calls for it.

    I heard last night, btw, that the Yankees just released Doug Glanville….

  6. vikk

    Your Philadelphia Phillie made me homesick. Haven’t seen him in years.:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.