Format change

no more good grief
Recently-released Arbitron and Nielsen ratings show that the Philadelphia market can no longer support a weblog specializing in phony art reviews and complaints about the resurgence of 80s fashion.

Therefore, on Friday, March 11th, Good Grief! will go off the air, and the domain will be turned into a male porn site. Becky S and the rest of the Good Grief! staff have until that time to pack up and vacate the studio.

24 responses to “Format change”

  1. very metal

    Wait — “specializing” in fake art reviews? By my quick calculations, we haven’t seen a fake art review since December 14, 2004 — that’s last year! Before Christmas, even. Sad if that’s what pases for “specialization” these days…

  2. Tom

    The Philadelphia market? Doesn’t your blog have global scope? I’m all the way up here in NY and reception of your blog is acceptable. Perhaps if the other readers adjust their rabbit ears, reception of your blog will be clearer.

    Anyway, does this mean that the most popular websites in Philadelphia are male porn? Of men with big butts?

  3. Becky

    Tom, Google stats show that most people come here looking for big butts, so that’s probably why Clear One Channel Media made this decision. As for the global scope–I have no idea how or why COCM does its market research.

    Look, very metal. In a world where Viggo Mortensen wants to date me and George Bush takes my phone calls, I can certainly specialize in phony art reviews.

  4. Dave

    Ever since your wardrobe malfunction, I thought it would be FCC action that would take GG off the air.

  5. Jen

    Clearly, the resurgence of the 80s is a natiowide epidemic. Because Tears for Fears, who apparently has a new album out, is on Regis.

  6. Becky

    Tears for Fears on Regis? See, it’s this kind of incident that bloggers are trying to bring to the public’s attention. However, anti-80s bloggers are being suppressed and repressed by BIG MEDIA.

    Dave, thanks for linking to my silly self. You gave me an idea–maybe GG can follow Howard Stern’s lead and move to the satellite blogosphere.

  7. Anonymous

    I actually have the new Tears for Fears album and I have to admit that I like it. Do I need an 80’s exorcism? I had my white rollerskates out and put my comb in my back pocket but that doesn’t mean anything does it? Does it???

  8. Jen

    I will fully admit to liking 80s music and 80s movie, as you can see my latest blog post; however! I draw the line at 80s fashion and 80s music comebacks. I was not impressed with the new, improved millennium edition of Tears for Fears.

  9. Type E

    I also sense an impending ’80s fashion resurgence. 1780s, that is. Fabric row will be pleased.

  10. Becky

    Hmmmm, why does the Tears for Fears fan insist on anonymity?

    Jen, I think it’s fair to draw the line where you suggest–keep the 80s in the 80s.

    Type E, International Women’s Day isn’t the best time to even joke about such a thing. You are joking?

    Sheesh, no one cares if GG has a format change, but the 80s never die.

  11. Clair

    This place had a format?

  12. Becky

    Pay attenion, Clair. The format was art reviews and 80s clothes. It sure as hell wasn’t male porn.

  13. Theresa


  14. Scott

    Mail porn? That’s so 20th century, and I think it is illegal in some states.

  15. Sassy J

    Hello–is anyone shocked by this announcement? How will I fill my much needed soulless office breaks without the wisdom, wit, and charm of Good Grief? Not only does your blog keep me abreast of all sorts of oddities, some of them even relevant to my life, it gives me a window into your life. I am so sad 🙁 Even sad enough to use cheesy emoticons. Of course, this means you could spend a lot less time at the computer–which might be great for you. I will have withdrawal–you get my favorite blog award (which is half a box of wilbur buds).

  16. Tintil

    I’m as shocked as you are, Sassy J. ‘Good Grief!’ was one of the first blogs I discovered and it’s the only one I still read every day.

    I will definitely have withdrawal too – no more Phanatic, no more Viggo, no more SEPTA stories, no more CLIP ART!!! It’s almost too much to bear……

  17. Moon Pappy

    BUT….BUT….BUT (pun intended). Are you serious? I am at a loss for words, blogdom will not be the same…what will become of boss-across-the-hall? The Fruit and Vegetable report? The artful art displays and descriptions? Learn about the music fringers?How will we profess any knowledge of culture modernity with out you! Please Say It Ain’t So! How about a bribe Becky. I know you have grown up since the days of M&M’s, but that worked in the past (ask Moon Mammie), will Wilbur buds suffice? Please reconsider this drastic step.

  18. Becky

    Wait, are you guys being serious? Because that would make me feel guilty! I swear I wasn’t trolling for compliments–I was just being a smart-ass, as usual…poking fun at Philadelphia’s Y-100 debacle.

    Er, I can see how the joke wouldn’t travel well. Thanks to all for the support. When the time comes to pull the plug on Good Grief, it will be my decision, not Clear One Channel Media’s.

  19. Tom

    OK, I’m not from Philly but I got the joke. Obviously some people need to read the newspaper occasionally. 😉

  20. Becky

    Well, maybe everyone was playing along, and I didn’t get their joke!

  21. Tintil

    I admit that I didn’t get the joke but I am going to exonerate myself on two counts:

    1. I don’t have a sense of humour.

    2. It’s entirely Sassy J’s fault for whipping me into a frenzy.

    Anyway Becky, at least you’ve got me back for the Mother’s Day scare!

  22. Becky

    Tintil, you have a great sense of humor. I think it’s unreasonable to expect a Londoner to get a joke about a silly radio station in Philly.

    I love Sassy J for being such a staunch supporter of Good Grief! But watch out, because she loves whipping men into a frenzy!

  23. very metal

    Better late than never, I have to admit I didn’t quite get the joke — I mean, I knew the reasoning couldn’t have been serious, but I thought maybe you were just being vague about your reasons for shutting GG down. And yes, I was a little crestfallen at the thought.

  24. Sassy J

    Well Tintil–I never meant to whip anyone into a frenzy–although I am capable of it. Sorry about that. Glad to know histeria isn’t dead.

    I have never listened to Y100, and could care less about it being around,and like very metal, thought Becky was being vague and oblique about closing shop. Glad to know she isn’t.